29 Best Virtual Care Platforms in 2024

Feeling a bit swamped by health concerns lately? You’re not alone.

Sometimes, managing health can seem like a never-ending puzzle, with each piece more confusing than the last. This struggle can leave us feeling lost and unsure about where to turn

But what if there’s a brighter side to this?

Imagine flipping the script and finding a simple, effective way to manage your health. That’s where virtual care platforms come in!

They offer a fresh perspective that turns the tide in our favor. By bringing personalized care right into your living room, they ease the daily burden of health management

Imagine checking your health stats as easily as you check emails. That’s the kind of convenience these platforms provide. And the best part? Getting started is a breeze.

With just a few clicks, you can begin a journey towards a healthier, more relaxed you. Now, managing your health can be as straightforward as enjoying your favorite cup of coffee at home. Let’s dive into this new world of easy, accessible health care.

Check out the best virtual care platforms available in 2024!

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What are the Best Virtual Care Platforms?

The best virtual care platforms offer exceptional health and well-being services, from digital therapies and personalized coaching to remote monitoring of cardio, metabolic and diabetic conditions. They make it all possible through your mobile device.

They bring convenience and ease to patients seeking help with their healthcare needs and create an innovative ecosystem within the industry. Virtual care is transforming diagnosis through advanced digital technologies that make medical treatment more accessible than ever.

Best for Health & Nutrition (Medical Nutrition Therapy)

1. Virta Health

virtual care platform

With Virta, a revolution in diabetes care is taking place.

As a Diabetic, I certainly appreciate how this medical nutrition therapy platform helps patients reclaim their health and reverse type 2 diabetes. By using an evidence-based and organized approach to dieting and lifestyle management, people living with long-term illnesses such as diabetes or obesity can see remarkable changes in their general health.

After one year, patients in Virta’s clinical trial eliminated 63% of diabetes-specific medications, and 94% of patients on insulin eliminated or reduced usage.

By simply focusing on what I was eating, my lifestyle underwent a drastic transformation, and I reduced my insulin needs by an astonishing 80%.

How Virta Works:

2. Season Health

Embrace the therapeutic benefits of food – Season Health understands this very well.

Season Health is a modern way to manage chronic conditions and achieve health goals. This platform uses an evidence-based approach to nutrition and lifestyle management that integrates diet, activity, behavior change, and other important health factors for sustainable habit change.

This program provides a tailored solution to your health needs by connecting you with an experienced Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who will work with you one-on-one and assist in creating a personalized wellness plan.

3. Omada Health

Omada Health is a digital health platform that helps people prevent, treat, and manage chronic conditions through lifestyle change.

With Omada, you’ll receive personalized coaching from experts in diet and nutrition, as well as access to helpful technology such as wearables and virtual scales. The program also offers an online community for people to connect with one another and form supportive relationships.

Omada’s powerful health programs have helped thousands of people make sustainable changes in their lifestyle and achieve their health goals.

AND NOW as an Amazon partner, this platform will continue to grow.

4. Noom

Noom is devoted to empowering and helping you reach your health goals, no matter where life takes you. Their weight-loss program uses psychology, nutrition, and exercise science to help you make sustainable lifestyle changes.

Noom’s personalized nutrition counseling will help you discover which foods work best for your body and how to use food as fuel. The program also includes fitness tracking, personal goal setting, and access to an online support community.

5. Lark Health

Lark Health is a virtual care platform that uses AI-powered technology to deliver personalized, customized coaching for managing chronic conditions. The Lark programs are tailored to your individual needs, so you can build habits and get better results in less time.

This health plan includes real-time feedback on food intake, activity level, sleep patterns, and other essential health metrics.

6. Calibrate

Have you heard the buzz about resetting your metabolism for optimal health? Well, it’s true – giving your body the opportunity to recalibrate can bring incredible benefits!

Calibrate is a metabolic reset program that helps people improve their health and prevent chronic diseases. The program offers personalized nutrition plans, exercise guidance, and psychological support to help you make lasting lifestyle changes. With Calibrate, you’ll receive one-on-one coaching from certified dietitians, personal trainers, and psychologists.

7. Revero

Revero is newer to the scene and making a big splash in the market with its revolutionary offerings.

By combining proven nutritional therapy, clinical expertise and advanced digital tools powered by machine learning, this virtual-first clinic addresses the root causes of chronic diseases.

Reveros Treatment is not just any generic solution. It’s tailored for each individual, taking into account their unique demographics, lifestyle choices and health conditions. Their innovative AI-driven approach allows us to identify the foods that are exacerbating existing disease pathways and remove them from your diet plan so you can get on the path to better health faster.

Working with a coach to get precision nutrition, they specialize in utilizing medical nutritional therapy to identify the foods that might be contributing to diseases. They tailor a treatment health plan according to each patient’s daily biomarkers and symptoms for maximum efficacy.

Best for Mental Health

1. BetterHelp

BetterHelp is an online platform that connects you with a licensed therapist in minutes. The app has over 2,000 therapists who are available seven days a week and provide help with depression, anxiety, stress management, grief, relationship issues, and many more.

BetterHelp allows you to take the time you need and access therapy from the comfort of your own home or on the go. You can easily track your progress by messaging your therapist, sending voice messages, and completing self-assessment exercises.

2. Lyra Health

Lyra Health is a digital mental health platform that provides evidence-based care for individuals and employers.

With Lyra, you can access personalized mental health services such as therapy, coaching, and medication management from a team of licensed professionals. The program also includes online assessments to help identify your specific needs and offers tailored care plans to ensure maximum effectiveness.

3. Calm Health

Calm Health provides online mental health services for individuals and organizations. The program uses evidence-based therapy, technology, and coaching to help people manage stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.

With Calm Health, you can access personalized psychological care from certified therapists in the comfort of your home or on the go. Aimed to aid payers, plan sponsors, and providers alike, Calm Health offers scientifically-backed mental health treatments and resources that zero in on anxiety and depression.

4. Headspace Health

Headspace Health is a digital mental health platform that helps people manage stress and anxiety.

The program includes personalized meditation, mindfulness, life coaching, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Headspace also offers online support groups for individuals who need extra help managing their mental health.

Best for Cardiovascular Care

1. Livongo

Livongo is a digital health platform that provides evidence-based care for chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart failure.

The program offers personalized coaching, monitoring tools, and access to certified healthcare professionals to help patients manage their conditions. Livongo also includes advanced analytics capabilities to track patient data over time so that doctors can make more informed decisions.

2. Cardiogram

Cardiogram is a digital health platform that helps people monitor and manage their heart health. The program includes features such as heart rate monitoring, activity tracking, and access to certified healthcare professionals. Cardiogram also offers personalized lifestyle

Cardiogram is an AI-powered app that detects signs of cardiovascular disease through your smartphone. The program uses heart rate and activity data to provide personalized feedback and actionable insights on your cardiovascular health. Cardiogram includes stress management tools, nutrition tracking, sleep monitoring, and access to experts.

3. Marley Medical

Marley Medical is a digital health platform that provides personalized care for patients with heart conditions. The program offers tailored treatment plans, medication management, and tracking capabilities, as well as access to certified healthcare professionals.

Marley Medical also includes an AI-powered symptom tracker to help you monitor your cardiac health over time and detect any signs of potential issues.

Best for Pain Management (musculoskeletal)

1. Hinge Health

Hinge Health is the leader in digital musculoskeletal care, offering personalized programs to treat chronic pain conditions.

It helps patients track their progress throughout the treatment process, provides education and insights into lifestyle habits that can make a difference, and gives 24/7 access to health coaches who can provide guidance and support.

The platform is evidence-based and includes personalized exercise classes and rehab therapy tailored to the individual patient’s needs.

2. Sword Health

This comprehensive virtual care platform focuses on musculoskeletal rehabilitation and physical therapy. Its clinically-validated programs provide personalized guidance and support to help improve mobility, strength, and physical well-being.

By leveraging advanced technologies such as 3D motion capture, vibration analysis, and AI-based algorithms, Sword Health can accurately diagnose and treat musculoskeletal problems.

3. Vori Health

Say goodbye to back-and-forth between medical providers. With Vori Health, you have the power of comprehensive muscle and joint care right at your fingertips.

You can now access Vori Health physicians and care team from the comfort of your own device – be it a phone, tablet, or computer. Dedicated to getting to the bottom of your joint and muscle pain in no time for an all-encompassing diagnosis so that you don’t have to worry about confusion or unnecessary treatment procedures.

This revolutionary approach makes recovery streamlined and easy – no more shuffling from one office to another for treatment. Experience the Vori Health difference today!

Best for General Primary Care

1. One Medical

A leading virtual primary care platform, providing convenient access to quality health services. It offers on-demand video visits with board-certified physicians and medical advice tailored to your needs.

Move beyond the routine of visiting your doctor’s office and say goodbye to long wait times with One Medical. Our company’s comprehensive digital suite includes powerful tools like symptom checkers, wellness plans, lab results, and prescription refills – all of which provide you with a hassle-free healthcare experience!

2. GoodRx Care

This platform provides personalized primary care services. It offers online visits with board-certified physicians and access to a library of health information, medication reminders, and tools for managing chronic conditions.

GoodRx Care allows patients to take the lead in their health by helping them craft tailored wellness plans and providing self-care education. Plus, you can see a provider anywhere at any time across the country with licensed medical providers!

Best of all, medications are available for either delivery or pickup from your local pharmacy.

3. Sesame Care

Sesame Care is a virtual care platform that offers personal primary care services. It connects patients to board-certified physicians, nurses, and counselors who can provide personalized treatment plans, medication management, and health advice.

The platform also includes access to a library of health information and resources for managing chronic conditions. Sesame Care is designed to make healthcare easy and accessible, allowing patients to take control of their health without the hassle. Plus, it provides access to providers across the country for both in-person and virtual visits!

Sesame Care also allows patients to track their progress and view lab results – giving them a complete understanding of their overall health.

4. Teladoc

Teladoc is a leading and well-known telemedicine healthcare provider that offers convenient access to board-certified physicians, nurses, and mental health specialists. It provides on-demand video visits, telehealth consultations, e-prescriptions, and 24/7 support from medical professionals.

The platform also includes specialized care for children and educational resources to get answers to your health questions with our fast, convenient, high-quality care—anytime, anywhere.

You can activate your account in minutes and connect with a proper medical care provider.

Best for Women’s Health

1. Pomelo

Pomelo is a pioneering virtual healthcare platform devoted to the health and well-being of women. Their aim? To ensure you have an easy, healthy pregnancy journey!

Gain access to round-the-clock pregnancy and newborn care with Pomelo. The experts include doctors, midwives, nurses, dietitians, therapists, and lactation professionals. They will be here for you between appointments or wherever else you need help – no matter the hour.

Personalized care plans tailored to you recognize that no two patients are alike. They collaborate with you to develop a uniquely crafted plan for your health needs.

An experienced healthcare companion will be by your side the whole way through.

2. Zaya Care

Zaya Care is a groundbreaking virtual care platform crafted with the distinct needs of women’s health in mind. With personalized plans, access to certified professionals, and an abundance of educational resources tailored for wellness and self-care education, Zaya Care stands out as the premier solution designed to empower patients while providing them with comprehensive maternal care.

Furthermore, this platform gives you access to a range of fertility specialists backed by your insurance. Whether it’s during conception, pregnancy, or postpartum care, they can offer comprehensive support that works in tandem with any OB/GYN services you receive. Make bookings quickly and easily so you can start feeling better faster!

Best for Men’s Health

1. Ro

Ro is revolutionizing men’s health by providing personalized care and daily wellness plans, ranging from erectile dysfunction to skin care and hair loss.

Its members are able to work with an experienced team of board-certified physicians, nurses, and counselors, on solutions that cover all aspects of male health, including testosterone levels and prostate cancer screening.

The platform also has a library of health information, online support groups, and educational resources to help patients manage the most challenging of concerns.

2. Hims

Hims is committed to providing men with holistic healthcare tailored to their needs.

From certified medical professionals and personalized plans to self-care education and wellness resources – everything you need to take control of your health is at the tip of your fingertips. In addition, the online process facilitates a seamless experience – so finding treatments that work becomes hassle-free.

With Hims, you can access an abundance of specialized resources for erectile dysfunction, hair loss, mental health and skin care. From prescription medication to tailored wellness plans and an online support community – Hims has the tools that will enable you to take charge of your well-being!

Make life easier by entrusting in Hims – because when it comes to health & wellness: Hims does very well.

Best for Seniors

1. Bold

Bold was designed to help seniors experience thrilling lives and enjoy activities they adore. So are you ready for a grandkids’ playdate or that long-awaited vacation? Bold will ensure you’re feeling strong, bold, and confident so that nothing can stand between your goals! On top of it all, insurance coverage is offered with fitness classes and wellness coaching accompanied by home delivery of nutritious meals.

Every year, 1 in 4 adults over 65 take a spill and require treatment at an emergency room. That’s 3 million visits! However, research demonstrates that regular physical activity and balance training like Tai Chi can reduce your chances of taking a tumble by up to 43%.

To ensure a life of steadiness for years to come, Bold has crafted a program rooted in science-backed fall prevention techniques. Plus, they’ve assembled a great squad of active aging specialists passionate about helping you stay on your feet.

Get the best of personal training, group fitness, yoga, and Tai Chi with our at-home workouts designed to empower you! Strengthen your body and boost flexibility & balance – live life boldly as you age gracefully.

2. Patina Health

Patina was designed to offer superior healthcare experiences for adults over 65 and their family members and caregivers.

They prioritize taking time to get to know each individual on a deeper level while forming trusted relationships, all to understand the unique goals set by the patients. Patina is dedicated to profoundly improving the lives of older adults in meaningful ways.

The dedicated primary care team at Patina provides support and advice, so your health is thriving. They work to develop a unique care plan tailored just for you–including those people in your life who mean the most to you–so that all of the activities which bring joy into your life can be maintained or enjoyed further.

At-home primary healthcare explicitly customized to meet seniors’ needs is here! Each individual will be given their personalized plan, virtual appointments with highly qualified physicians, and access to our expansive health library—all provided at no cost.

Best for Oncology

1. Jasper Health

The life change accompanying a cancer diagnosis can be arduous to manage, filled with questions and too much information for one person to handle. However, the co-founder witnessed firsthand through a close friend’s breast cancer diagnosis and saw the critical need for coordination, guidance, and ease of access.

They strive to provide what is needed most: stability amidst the chaos.

Jasper Health is committed to providing the utmost compassion and personalized attention those living with cancer require. On top of that, they strive to be a centralized hub for uniting oncologists, care management teams, specialty pharmacists, and caregivers – all to deliver comprehensive whole-person care.

At Jasper Health, they believe that everyone has the right to receive quality and affordable cancer care. The team leverages human-led care coaching and deep data insights to achieve this goal to reduce preventable costs associated with cancer treatment. Jasper Health strives for a better experience in caring for those battling cancer.

2. Thyme Care

Drawing upon their deep expertise in oncology, nursing, social work, and digital health initiatives, Thyme Care was created to provide a personalized cancer care support system that caters to each patient’s unique needs throughout their journey.

At Thyme Care, they are transforming the way people living with cancer get access to helpful information. They believe everyone should have equal access to quality service and clear answers – just as insiders would expect.

With this platform, you can easily benefit from the advice and help of someone who can help you with your situation without waiting long for an answer. It also provides specialized resources for managing the adverse effects of cancer treatments.

What is Virtual Care?

Virtual care is an expansive concept that encapsulates all of the possible digital services available in healthcare. From telemedicine to real-time video and audio communication, virtual care encompasses every remote interaction between a doctor and a patient.

In its simplest form, virtual care symbolizes the use of technology to establish a connection between doctors and patients.

How Can Virtual Care Benefit Us?

With the advent of virtual care, healthcare is having a revolution, allowing for unprecedented access and convenience; it’s how people obtain medical advice and treatments, delivering convenience and cost savings without compromising quality.

Through digital means such as video conferencing, email communication, and text messaging, patients can now efficiently access health services from providers worldwide. This technology has revolutionized healthcare delivery beyond recognition!

Benefits of virtual care include:

  • 24/7 access see a doctor at any time, day or night to health care services without leaving the comfort of your home
  • Accessing personalized treatment from a healthcare provider designed to fulfill your exact needs makes you feel as if you are genuinely obtaining the care that you need
  • Busy schedules – No need to forgo your job or class – you can visit a doctor without taking time out of your day. And forget about the hassle of traffic; it’s no longer required just to get there!
  • Increased access to timely care – Virtual care can dramatically reduce wait times for appointments, making it easier for people to get the help they need quickly.
  • Avoid worry – Fear of contracting illness from other people in the waiting area is a valid concern
  • Cost savings – By conducting virtual appointments, the costs associated with in-person visits are significantly reduced – resulting in a more cost-effective solution. What’s more, these meetings often require less of your precious time and resources
  • Gain a second medical opinion without the need to book yet another doctor’s appointment
  • Get prescriptions filled online and have them delivered to your door
  • If you find yourself in need of a mental health boost, look no further! You can now access counseling and therapy without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Best Virtual Care – Summary

Virtual care has become a significant part of the digital healthcare revolution, and this concept can address many of the issues in medical practices. It provides solutions for patients and providers alike and offers an array of digital services for everyone to take advantage of.

It allows patients to efficiently access health services from providers worldwide without having to leave their homes or compromise on quality. In addition, virtual care offers various benefits, such as 24/7 access to healthcare, personalized treatment, convenience and cost savings, increased access to timely care, worry-free visits, and second opinions.

All of the best virtual care platforms allow patients to take control of their health and receive tailored wellness plans and self-care education. Thus, it provides an ideal solution for efficient and convenient medical advice and treatments.

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