Navigating the peaks and valleys of your health journey can be challenging. Allow me the opportunity to be your navigator.

Standing in a Valley

What is Health Optimization?

Health optimization involves tracking and analyzing data to make positive lifestyle adjustments such as improving sleep, increasing physical activity, or changing eating habits. This can be achieved through a simple 3-step approach, regardless of your specific areas of needed improvement.

Health Optimization
3 step optimization process

Catalyst + Healthy Habits = Longevity


The cornerstone of health optimization. Fuel your body right, and it’ll reward you tenfold.


By focusing on functional fitness, strength, endurance, and flexibility, we can create a body that not only looks good but performs at its peak too.


Your mind is the control center of your health. Harnessing mental resilience fuels everything.

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Meet Chad


B.S. in Exercise and Sport Sciences

I have over 30 years of Wellness, Coaching, and Medical Industry experience and a health advocate and enthusiast who helps people achieve peak performance and live long and fulfilling lives. I am passionate about health optimization and getting the best out of your life.

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