Ketovore diet for life-changing results


As a type 1 Diabetic, the Ketovore diet has been life-changing for me.

I often say that in November of 2018, I felt like I was going to die, and I couldn’t take it anymore. I struggled for years to manage my blood glucose levels and had all the hyperglycemic symptoms like zero energy, tiredness, weight gain, and recurrent infections. Finally, I needed to adapt or die.

After exploring the Ketogenic and the Carnivore diet and intermittent fasting, I implemented both forms of eating, morphing into a Ketovore, and saw excellent results.

Ketovore to the rescue

The Ketovore diet has changed my life in many ways. First of all, I have more energy than ever before. In addition, I have lost a significant amount of weight, inflammation (puffy) around my eyes subsided, better skin, and I improved my digestion.

In addition, as a Diabetic, the main benefit has been controlling blood sugar levels and drastically reducing my insulin needs (80% drop).

Overall, I feel healthier and happier with this way of eating.

What is Ketovore?

Simply, a Ketovore diet is an animal-based diet with attributes of the keto or carnivorous keto.

A low-carb diet is popular for those looking to lose weight because it is relatively easy to implement and follow. There are several different types of low-carb diets, including the keto diet, the carnivore diet, and the keto carnivore diet.

The keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet that aims to put your body into a state of nutritional ketosis. When your body is in a state of ketosis, it burns fat for fuel instead of glucose. This can lead to rapid weight loss, particularly in the early stages of the diet.

On the other hand, the carnivore diet is a low-carb, high-protein diet based on the idea that humans evolved to eat a diet primarily composed of meat. Advocates of the carnivore diet argue that it can lead to weight loss and improved health markers.

The definition of a Ketovore is “a person who subsists on (only) animal protein.” The short and precise description of the Ketovore diet is “not a ‘diet’ but rather an animal protein-based ketogenic way of eating.” It’s a spinoff of the carnivorous diet that allows for some flexibility.

The exact difference

Let’s break it down…

Look at the diet macronutrient percentages of some of the more popular diets:

The popularity of the Ketogenic diet goes without saying because everyone sees it everywhere, and it is an excellent diet for many. The diet is a high-fat, moderate protein, low-carbohydrate diet.

The Carnivore diet has also been growing but is an old elimination diet reemerging today. A typical meat-based diet is a way of eating that is composed of animal protein, salt, and water.

It’s intense and a terrific method for regaining health. I spent a period with a pure Carnivore diet to detox my gut and eliminate any potential unknown elements causing harm, for which my digestive system is processing foods much better now.

Many diet advocates have followed both of these eating methods for years and swear by them. I have transitioned into being a Ketovore.

Those who eat a Ketovore diet often eat like a Carnivore and then incorporate dairy, some low-carb fruits and vegetables, and the occasional keto-friendly treat. 

If you are consuming the average calorie diet (males 2,000-3,000/day; females 1,600-2,400), the Ketovore macronutrient percentages may be a blend in the chart above while only allowing 2-5% carbohydrates.

Challenges of Starting a New Diet

One of the most significant challenges of starting a new diet is adjusting to a new way of eating. Depending on your chosen diet, you may have to give up some of your favorite foods or drastically reduce your caloric intake. This can be difficult for many people, as food is often associated with comfort and emotional well-being.

Another challenge of starting a new diet is maintaining motivation. It can be challenging to stay on track when you do not see immediate results. In addition, social pressure and temptation can make it hard to stick to your new eating method when you are out with friends or attending social events.

There are many virtual care platforms out there that offer solutions to people who are seeking a support system for low-carb diets. However, one of the best ones available does focus on the Carnivore Diet.

The list of foods

Meal plan according with nutrient-dense whole foods! These things will form the core of your diet, but Ketovore is primarily animal-based protein with healthy natural fats at its heart.

Start with:

  • Choosing the best quality meat (beef, lamb, pork, organ meats, etc. but NO Processed Meat), also poultry, and seafood that you can afford. I prefer Grass-Fed Grass-Finished Beef over most here as well as Wild-Sockeye Salmon.
  • If you need a snack, source the best biltong
  • The best eggs you can source. *hint – color matters
  • Salt (sea salt, pink salt – you want mineral rich!)
  • Water
  • Healthy fats such as cold pressed olive oil, avocado oil, tallow, lard, cheeses, real butter, and ghee (no seed oils!)

Introduce foods you like or can tolerate:

  • I certainly love my straight black coffee
  • Macadamia nuts are my go-to nut for taste and fat content, but you can dabble in your favorite nut or seed
  • Lower carbohydrate fruits such as berries, avocado, olives
  • Lower carbohydrate vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, squash
  • Addition of some spices and seasoning like onion, garlic, turmeric, and lemon.


Ketovore is an animal-based diet with attributes of the keto diet.

Ketovore is an excellent way to optimize health. Lose weight and gain mental clarity.

Start by choosing the best quality meat, poultry, and seafood that you can afford. Introduce healthy fats and sprinkle in a very low carbohydrate mix of tolerant foods.


I was always interested in optimizing my metabolic health and well-being, so when I came across the Ketovore diet, I was intrigued. But, of course, I was skeptical at first. Still, after researching and trying it out, I’m so grateful to have discovered Ketovore and experienced the excellent results firsthand.

Ketovore is an excellent way of eating for those who want to optimize their health. It is an animal-based diet with attributes of the keto diet that has many benefits, including weight loss, improved digestion, and better blood sugar control. So, if you are looking for a healthier way of eating, Ketovore may be the perfect fit for you.

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